# Decubate FAQs

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  • Q: How do I update my Decubate Username info?
  • A: We're planning to let users pick their usernames soon. For now, usernames are given automatically and you can see yours in the “My Profile” section.
  • Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?
  • A: Click “Forgot password” on the login page. If you don't have email access, contact support.
  • Q: I get the “unsupported country” error on account registration. What should I do?
  • A: Due to regulations in the Netherlands, some countries are not allowed to participate in the platform events. We are hoping to update that list in the near future.

Find the prohibited country list in Decubate terms & conditions.

# DCB Token FAQs

  • Q: What fees are involved when using the Decubate platform?
  • A: Using our Platform is Fees-Free! You'll only pay chain fees for platform activities, like whitelisting or participating in IDOs but that entirely depends on how congested the network is.
  • Q: Are my staking rewards given in DCB or other cryptocurrencies?
  • A: Staking in the DCB pools earns you DCB tokens as rewards.

# Tier System & DCB Power FAQs

  • Q: How can I change my linked wallet?
  • A: In your profile, click "Change" under 'Verified wallet'. Note: wallet address changes are limited to once every 24 hours.
  • Q: How do I get involved in governance voting?
  • A: When a vote is live, it's announced on all channels. Visit our voting page and cast your vote with your DCB power.
  • Q: Can I join an IDO without staking DCB tokens?
  • A: Yes! The Base Tier is free and lets you invest in IDOs and join Learn to Earn events.
  • Q: Can I stake with more than one wallet to increase my DCB power?
  • A: You can only link one verified wallet to your account, which is used for all your platform investments.

# Whitelisting Process FAQs

  • Q: Can I re-whitelist for an IDO with a higher tier?
  • A: Yes, you can update your whitelist status if you increase your stake before the GA round of IDOs and exclusive events.
  • Q: Can I re-whitelist for Learn to Earn events with a higher tier?
  • A: Yes, you can. Similarly to an IDO event, you will need to reach your desired DCB power and re whitelist for the Learn to Earn Event.

# Platform Events FAQs

  • Q: What do I need to do to take part in Decubate platform events?
  • A: You need to create an account, KYC and verify a wallet.
  • Q: How often does Decubate launch new IDOs?
  • A: There's no set schedule; we focus on quality over quantity. Check out our evaluation process article or the application link provided to learn about our vetting process or apply for an IDO.
  • Q: How are allocations calculated?
  • A: Via your DCB Power. The more you stake, the higher your DCB power and allocation to an event. Allocation distribution is 100% linear.
  • Q: How are Learn to Earn rewards shared?
  • A: Rewards are split linearly between users, based on each participant's DCB Power at the time of whitelisting.
  • Q: Is there a deadline for claiming my tokens from platform investments?
  • A: No deadline. Claim your tokens anytime from your portfolio.
  • Q: Can I still join IDOs First Come First Serve rounds if I missed the Guarantee Allocation round?
  • A: Yes, you can still join FCFS rounds by staking DCB and registering interest before the end of the GA round. KYC and a verified wallet are necessary.
  • Q: Do I need to buy and stake DCB to participate in platform events?
  • A: The base tier is for free and will give you 5K DCB power. You still need to KYC and verify your wallet.

# Genesis NFT FAQs

  • Q: What else does a Genesis NFT offer besides APR boosts?
  • A: Right now, APR boosts are the only perk. We'll announce new features alongside Genesis 2.0, so keep an eye out! Find out more on Genesis NFT.

# Refund Policy FAQs

  • Q: Can I get my money back from an IDO I joined?
  • A: Yes, You can get a full refund (100%) during the Grace Period if you haven't claimed any tokens.
  • Q: Can I get a refund if I already started claiming tokens?
  • A: No, claiming tokens will void your ability to get a Refund.

# General FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Q: What should I do if I suspect there's a security issue with my account or my wallet has been hacked?
  • A: We strongly recommend enabling 2FA on the platform for an added layer of security. If you suspect a wallet hack, consider using revoke.cash to revoke all smart contract interactions and update your verified wallet in your profile section. If investments are pending and have not yet started vesting, please open a ticket at Decubate Support.
  • Q: The event widget on a project page is spinning/looping, what should I do?
  • A: This issue is typically due to a weak RPC connection. To resolve this:
  1. Ensure a stable internet connection, preferably via WiFi.
  2. Update your RPC settings as recommended at Chainlist.
  • Q: How can I change the wallet address linked to my Decubate account?
  • A: To change your verified address, navigate to your profile page, scroll down to the 'Verified wallet' section, make sure your wallet is connected and click on "Change." Enter your new wallet address.

Important Note: You cannot change the address again within 24 hours after an update. If you used your old wallet to claim investments, you'll need to re-verify it to claim tokens for those projects, as vesting addresses cannot be changed once vesting has started

  • Q: How can I be sure I'm talking to a real Decubate admin?
  • A: Real admins won't message you first. Always check our official admin list before responding to DMs on Telegram or Discord.
  • Q: What if there's a problem during KYC?
  • A: Submit clear, actual ID pictures. If you're still having issues, contact our support team.
  • Q: How do I change the linked wallet on my Decubate account?
  • A: To update your linked wallet, go to your profile, find the 'Verified Wallet' section, and click "Change." Remember, you can only change your wallet once every 24 hours. If you've claimed investments with the previous wallet, you must re-verify it to access those funds.
  • Q: How do I stay in the loop with Decubate's events?
  • A: Follow our social media for the latest news. You'll find all the links in our docs.
  • Q: How do I get help from Decubate support?
  • A: If you've got questions after reading the FAQs, just submit a ticket. We reply to messages in the order we get them, typically within 48 hours.
  • Q: I've staked my DCB tokens but my tier isn’t showing up, what should I do?
  • A: If you hold enough DCB to reach a tier but it's not reflected on your profile, consider the following:

Ensure you have passed KYC.

  • Verify that you have connected the correct wallet—the one holding your DCB and ensure it is your verified wallet.
  • Confirm you are logged in with the correct email.
  • Check your RPC endpoints; slow endpoints might cause UI latency with the blockchain. The best BNB RPC can be found at Chainlist.