# Introduction to Staking at Decubate

In Decubate, staking is crucial in allowing users to increase their involvement and move up in the Tier System. When users stake DCB tokens, they guarantee a continuous flow of rewards and play a key role in maintaining the platform's liquidity and stability. Moreover, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for staking differs based on your choice of pool; the longer you lock your tokens, the greater the rewards you receive, and the greater your boost for increasing the investor tier.

# How Staking Elevates Your Decubate Experience

# Boosting Your Tier

Staking directly influences your position within the Decubate Tier System. Each token you stake bolsters your tier status. This progression is crucial as it unlocks incremental benefits and rewards at each new tier level. For example:

  • Staking DCB for 120 days results in a +20% boost to your tier level.
  • Locking DCB for a full year gives you a +50% boost.

These enhancements make it easier to climb the tier ladder by reducing the number of DCB tokens needed to reach higher tiers. Additionally, Decubate offers Liquidity Staking options such as the USDT/DCB pool, which provides a 100% boost for tier progression.

# Earning Through Liquidity Pools

Whan to receive a portion of trading fees happening on our primary DEX? Explore our Liquidity Pool. What is Liquidity Staking?

Liquidity staking allows users to generate Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens by locking two types of tokens—such as DCB and USDT on the Binance Smart Chain—into a smart contract. These LP tokens are essential for trading on decentralized exchanges as they represent a share of the liquidity pool, making trading possible. When you provide tokens to the pool, you receive LP tokens in return, which signify your portion of the pool and allow you to earn rewards from your investment.

💡Importantly, all rewards and yields from Decubate staking are compounded automatically, maximizing your investment returns and simplifying your financial strategy.

While staking brings numerous benefits, it's important to be aware of potential risks such as impermanent loss. This occurs when the price ratio of staked tokens changes compared to when they were deposited in the pool. Decubate is committed to providing education and tools to help manage this risk effectively.

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# Transition from Legacy Staking Pools

You probably have noticed that on our Staking Page there are two ways of staking: Staking and Legacy Staking. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the Decubate platform experience, we are phasing out the Legacy Staking pools. These older pools, based on initial smart contracts, will no longer be issuing rewards as they are set to expire systematically. It is important for users currently invested in these legacy pools to migrate their funds to the new staking pools to continue earning rewards.

The latest staking pools on Decubate provide enhanced security, efficiency, and features that cater to our platform's growth and our community's changing needs. By transferring your funds, you can maintain eligibility for the attractive APYs and tier perks available in our revamped staking program. How to do it? Migrating is simple and straightforward:

  • Visit the staking section on the Decubate platform.
  • Wait for the Staking Terms Expirations and follow the guided steps to withdraw your funds from the legacy pools.
  • Re-stake your tokens into any of the new pools to continue earning rewards without interruption.

Our team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.

# A Recap with Emma's Journey 👧

Emma’s journey continues as she explores the benefits of Decubate's staking program, designed to maximize her investments and secure her position within the community:

  • Tier Boosts: Emma enjoys significant boosts to her tier level;
  • Extra high APY in DCB: locking liquidity.
  • Transaction Fee Earnings;
  • Automatic Compounding: Her returns are maximized through automatic compounding of all staking rewards;
  • Enhanced Security: With the transition to new staking pools;
  • Boosted rewards by holding Genesis NFTs!

Ready to provide Liquidity?

# Decubate Genesis NFT

The Decubate Genesis NFT is a unique digital asset within the Decubate ecosystem. Its primary utility is to improve user experience by providing enhancements such as an automatic boost to their staking experiences on the Decubate platform, subject to market conditions and the amount of DCB tokens staked.

# How Genesis NFT works

Users can hold the Genesis NFT in their wallets. By staking DCB tokens on the Decubate platform and simultaneously holding the Genesis NFT, an enhancement to the user's staking experience is automatically applied.

Genesis NFT Process

  1. Hold the Genesis NFT in your wallet
  2. Stake DCB tokens on the Decubate platform
  3. The smart contract system recognizes the NFT and enhances the staking experience

# Where can I buy a Genesis NFT?

Decubate has minted several NFTs for different project but there is only one Decubate Genesis.

You can buy Genesis NFT on the following market places:


# Disclosure

The Decubate Genesis NFT should not be seen as a traditional investment and does not constitute a security. Acquisition of a Genesis NFT does not represent an investment in a common enterprise, and it does not grant any equity, debt, cash flow rights, or any other form of financial interest in Decubate or any affiliated entity. The Genesis NFT provides a range of benefits such as special status recognition, potential access to exclusive platform features, and other privileges. However, these benefits are subject to change and are dictated by the terms and conditions of Decubate. The Genesis NFT is not a digital currency, security, commodity, or any kind of financial instrument and has not been registered under the securities laws of any jurisdiction, including the Netherlands. All NFT transactions are final; purchases cannot be reversed, and there is no guarantee of any resale market for the Genesis NFT. Potential holders of the Genesis NFT are urged to consult their legal, financial, tax, and other professional advisors before deciding to purchase a Genesis NFT.