# Introduction to Crowdfunding IDO Events

When starting this journey, keep in mind that you are stepping into a space where only the highest quality Web3 projects succeed. At Decubate, we're Launching Tomorrow's Web3 innovations, Today! We are proud to be recognized as one of the Top 3 IDO Launchpads Worldwide for providing high returns on investment (ROI). Our platform showcases our dedication to launching only the most promising projects. Welcome to the Elite, welcome to Decubate.

Join Decubate's crowdfunding IDO events for a chance to invest in unique startups and cutting-edge projects. Follow this guide to easily participate in an IDO event on Decubate's launchpad, allowing you to confidently secure and oversee your investments. Chosen by 50,000+ Investors and Industry Leaders.

Have you ever thought about how to spot the next major player in Web3? We are a curated ecosystem that selects only the most promising blockchain projects for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). We link savvy crypto investors with startups ready for massive growth. Prior to a project being featured on our Launchpad, it goes through a thorough assessment to guarantee that only the finest projects are selected, safeguarding our community and maintaining trust in every venture we support. The Selection Process Explained

# How to Participate in an IDO on Decubate

Follow this video guide for a walkthrough in How to Participate in a Decubate IDO Event:

# Pre-Participation: The Whitelist Period

Before jumping into an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), there's an important phase known as the Whitelist Period. In this period (usually 5-7 Days), interested investors can reserve a spot in the upcoming Guaranteed Allocation (GA) phase by expressing interest in the selected project. Unlike other platforms, getting whitelisted on Decubate is straightforward and crucial for ensuring you receive an allocation based on your tier level.

  1. Navigate to the Launchpad to view all current events open for whitelisting;
  2. Secure Your Spot: Simply follow the instructions to sign a transaction with your Web3 wallet during the Whitelist Period to confirm your participation in the IDO;
  3. Allocation Based on Tier: Your allocation amount is predetermined by your current Tier Level, which detemines the quantity of tokens you're eligible to purchase during the IDO round.
  4. Opportunity to Increase Allocation: If your tier level increases during the Whitelist Period, your allocation for the IDO can also increase accordingly. This provides a dynamic way to enhance your investment potential before the crowdfunding event.

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Getting Started Creating an Account

# Guardanteed Allocation (GA): The IDO Period

This is the crowdfunding event! As an eligible participant from the whitelist period, you are now positioned to invest in the Guaranteed Allocation (GA) round. Here's how to make your investment count in only 2 steps. This round usually last for 22 hours before the FCFS Phase.

# Step 1: Check Your Allocation

Upon entering the IDO event page, you'll find your guaranteed allocation amount, which is determined by your tier level. This reflects the maximum you're eligible to invest in the project.

# Step 2: Input Your Investment

  1. Choose Your Amount: Decide how much you want to invest in USDT within the bounds of your allocated amount.
  2. Enable the Transaction: Before funding, you must enable the transaction. This is a security measure to ensure your wallet can interact with the IDO contract.
  3. Fund Your Investment: After enabling, input the USDT amount and confirm by funding the investment. This action finalizes your participation in the GA round.

💡 Multi-Chain Compatibility

Decubate prides itself on being fully EVM-compatible, launching projects across various blockchain networks. It's crucial to have your USDT on the correct blockchain that aligns with the project's launch.

  1. Check the Project's Blockchain: The IDO event page will indicate on which blockchain the project is launching.
  2. Prepare Your Wallet: Assure that you have the necessary USDT amount on the corresponding blockchain network in your Web3 wallet.
  3. Have Sufficient USDT: Make sure your Web3 wallet has enough USDT for the investment.
  4. Prepare for Transaction Fees: As every blockchain transaction requires gas fees, ensure you have the native cryptocurrency of the relevant chain (like BNB for Binance Smart Chain, ETH for Ethereum, etc.) to cover these costs.

# The FCFS Phases

Following the Guaranteed Allocation (GA) round, the Decubate IDO process enters the First Come, First Served (FCFS) stages, designed to distribute any remaining allocations of the project.

# FCFS Phase One

The initial FCFS phase typically concludes within seconds due to high demand and swift participation from our users. Given the fast pace of the first FCFS round, it's essential to be prepared and act quickly to secure your investment. Users who missed the Whitelist or GA rounds have a new window of opportunity to invest. This phase is available to everyone, including those who did not participate in the Whitelist period. The amount you can invest will be the same from the GA round.

# FCFS Phase Two

A Rare Occurrence. Historically, a second FCFS round is rare, as the first phase usually exhausts all available tokens in seconds. If a Phase Two is happening, rules are the same of the FCFS Phase One

# Post-IDO: Claiming Investments and Grace Period

After the adrenaline of the IDO and FCFS phases, the event concludes, and participants can see the outcome of their investments in their Portfolio where you can keep track of the projects you've backed and the tokens you're set to receive. Here's what happens next:

# Option 1: Claiming Your Tokens

Token Generation Event (TGE): Shortly after the IDO wraps up, the TGE kicks off, marking the moment when investors can start claiming their tokens. Typically, not all tokens are released immediately—this initial percentage is detailed by each project and is aimed at preventing a sudden sell-off that could destabilize the market.

Vesting Schedule: The remaining tokens enters a vesting schedule, which is the gradual release of your investment over time. Vesting serves two key purposes: it incentivizes investors to support the project's growth long-term, and it helps maintain a stable token price by avoiding the market impact of immediate, mass token sales.

# Option 2: Applying for a Refund

Grace Period: A designated Grace Period (2 to 7 days post-IDO), allows participants to reflect on their investment. During this time, you have the option to request a refund if you have second thoughts about your commitment. To initiate a refund, visit your portfolio page, select the investment you're reconsidering, and click on the 'Refund' option. Ensure you do this within the Grace Period to be eligible for a full refund.

💡 Please note, once you claim your tokens, the option to request a refund is no longer available