# Introduction to Learn to Earn Events at Decubate

Decubate's Learn to Earn (L2E) events offer a valuable chance to explore Web3 in depth. These events, designed to educate and engage, allow you to explore new projects and earn rewards through a straightforward and insightful process.

# How It Works

By joining an L2E event on Decubate, you are enrolling to discover cutting-edge blockchain projects before they become widely recognized. Each event centers on a particular project and offers thorough educational material to aid in comprehending the project's technology, objectives, and potential influence in the blockchain industry. Once you've taken in the information, your comprehension will be evaluated with a set of easy questions related to the project. Answering these correctly not only reinforces what you've learned but also makes you eligible for free token from the project, depending on your Tier Level. This streamlined approach removes the typical challenges that come with earning crypto airdrops!

By increasing your tier level during an ongoing L2E event, you're essentially upgrading your eligibility for a more substantial allocation of tokens. So, if you've recently leveled up your tier status, don't miss out on the chance to increase your allocation and potentially boost your rewards.

# Event Duration and Token Vesting

Usually lasting for around a month, these occasions offer plenty of opportunity for a large number of people to join in and earn tokens. To keep the tokens valuable and guarantee ongoing involvement after the event, they are typically vested. This entails releasing them gradually over a period of time, aligning your interests with the project's long-term prosperity.

# Why Participate?

Decubate's L2E events offer a great way to avoid the complicated and time-consuming procedures usually linked with crypto airdrops while gaining invaluable insights into potential game-changing projects! No more searching on various platforms and feeling upset about missed chances. Having already airdropped $2.7M (ATH prices) via our L2E events, we prove the success and appeal of our method.

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