# Decubate Refund Policy, the Grace Period

Satisfied or Refunded?

This is just another features that makes us Unique! At Decubate, we believe in protecting our users' investments and ensuring the transparency of token sales on our platform. That's why we've created a refund policy that provides the security and legality of every crowdfunding event. Our approach protects against continuous TGE delays, project rug pulls, malicious third-party refund practices, and team mismanagement while remaining compliant with Dutch regulations. Our revolutionary smart contract-based policy provides project teams and investors with a seamless and secure experience.

# How the Refund Policy Works

Decubate's decentralized refund policy results from careful consideration and collaboration within our community. The policy was voted on by the Decubate DAO, with an overwhelming 92% majority from Decubate investors, highlighting the strong support for this innovative feature.

# Refund Eligibility

All users, regardless of their tier (from Base to Diamond), are eligible to receive up to 100% refunds during the Grace Period (1 to 7 days). The policy introduces a predetermined Grace Period that starts at the token listing and continues until the end of the grace period. During this time, users can either claim tokens and receive them in their wallet instantaneously or request a refund, receiving the USDT tokens they invested back instantly. If tokens are claimed, you lose refund eligibility so again, once you click the claim botton during the Grace Period, you forfeit your eligibility for a refund.

# Protection fee

After the third Decubate DAO vote, we introduced a protection fee, requiring investors to stake DCB tokens to access tier benefits. This encourages tier upgrades and attracts notable investors, with all protection fees funding DCB buybacks, burns, or liquidity pools, in order to make better investment decisions, and attract more prominent investors to our platform. 100% of all protection fees go to DCB buybacks & burns or DCB liquidity pools.

Decubate's refund policy reflects our commitment to transparency and investor empowerment in the web3 space. By offering security and protection, we aim to build trust and ensure the longevity of investments and projects on our platform.