# Roadmap

The two main aspects of our roadmap consist out of our software solutions and bringing value to DCB and our community.

The vision of our software solutions: Decubate Token Management System (TMS) exists out of a suite of connected white-labeled management tools for minting, vesting, token/nft staking, governance, tiers system, liquidity farming, on-chain statistics, and much more. TMS enables innovators to interact with any EVM-compatible blockchain through our highly intuitive, customizable, and incredibly easy to deploy solutions.

# 2023

Infrastructure and Decubate software improvements

  • Token Management System V1
  • Market Making services on all exchanges
  • Market Making services on DEX
  • Staking module: Governance
  • Staking module: Dynamic staking pools
  • Staking module: Stake token earn NFT
  • Staking module: Stake tokens receive whitelisting
  • Staking module: Stake tokens for tiers and benefits
  • Vesting module: Liquidity locking
  • Project overview dashboard and analytics for ATS + ATV

Value to DCB and the community

  • DCB buy back & burn program
  • Seed, Private, Public token sales
  • Learn to earn reward/airdrop events
  • NFT reward/airdrop events
  • Dynamic APY staking pools
  • Launchpad governance and voting
  • Decentralized refund policy

# 2022

At the beginning of 2022, we set an aggressive roadmap to position Decubate for long-term success. While market conditions have cooled from the highs of the DeFi / NFT / DAO / GameFi summer, we’re staying the course and are building through the bear market.

Infrastructure and Decubate software improvements

  • Crosschain integrations: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and Tron
  • NFT staking as a service
  • Liquidity staking as a service
  • White-label crowdfunding as as service
  • Pay as you use payment model
  • Variable APY staking pools
  • Anti bot (ATT) as a service

Value to DCB and the community

  • Crosschain arbitration bot
  • DCB liquidity staking pools
  • Improved event allocation system
  • New exchange listing
  • Referral system
  • New website