# The Launchpad

An IDO Launchpad is a crucial part of our ecosystem that helps new projects get the attention and resources needed to operate. It acts as a bridge between creators and investors, making it easier to turn great ideas into successful ventures.

Our Launchpad is designed to work with all the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, Avalanche, CORE, Linea, and many more, you ask, we have. This broad support allows projects to launch on the blockchain of their choice, increasing their reach and engagement with a larger audience.

Invest with confidence. Visit our Platform and find the next gem!

# Getting Started

To start using our IDO Launchpad and access new blockchain projects, you first need to create an account. This process is easy and safe, so you can begin exploring all our investment options.

# Create an Account and Verify Address

Follow this video guide to set up your account:

💡 Account Setup In Short:

  • Go to the Decubate website and click on “Sign Up”;
  • Enter a valid email address, set up a strong password, select your country and agree to the terms and conditions;
  • Check your email for a verification code sent by our system;
  • Enter this code to verify your account, ensuring its authenticity;
  • For additional security, we highly recommend to set up two-factor authentication.

💡 Wallet Connection & Verification In Short:

  • Choose a wallet to connect to your Decubate account (supported list below);
  • Follow the prompt to sign a message in your wallet, confirming the secure connection;
  • In the user icon drop-down menu, go to the "My Profile" section;
  • Scroll down to the wallet verification section;
  • Remember to use the wallet you plan to use for participating in crowdfunding and promotional events.

# Supported Wallets

We support all default wallets from Web3-Onboard, including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, Wallet Connect and many more.

# Account KYC Verification

Follow this video guide to set up your account:

💡 Account KYC Verification In Short:

  • Log in and navigate to the "Profile" section and begin the KYC process by clicking on “Start KYC”;
  • You will need to have a valid ID Document and a Smartphone;
  • When prompted, upload clear images of your original, valid ID documents, ensuring the images are not of photocopies or pictures but of the actual documents;
  • Enter your name as it is shown on your ID and your date of birth. Opt to scan a QR code or have a verification link sent to your phone;
  • Complete the verification process, which includes uploading ID photographs and a video check;
  • The quality of the document images is essential. The KYC provider requires high-quality, clear images to approve your application;
  • If your KYC attempt fails, clear your browser cache and try the document upload process once more.

Following these refined steps will help you complete the KYC verification smoothly, ensuring that your account is ready for all the services and investment opportunities available through Decubate's launchpad. Remember, the accuracy and clarity of your personal information and document images are paramount for a successful verification process.