# DCB Token

Decubate is dedicated to revolutionizing the decentralized economy and empowering businesses and investors to unlock its full potential. Our platform offers a wide range of services and products to make participating in the decentralized economy seamless, accessible, and innovative. To drive this transformation, Decubate has created DCB, a BEP20 utility token that powers the platform.

# Overview

The Decubate (DCB) token is a crucial component of the Decubate ecosystem, offering a wide range of utilities and benefits to its holders. The DCB token empowers users to participate in community governance, access exclusive investment opportunities, and earn rewards through staking and Learn to Earn events.

# Token Utility

DCB tokens offer multiple utilities, including:

# 1. Staking Benefits

Stake your DCB tokens to earn rewards and incentives, while also enhancing your membership tier on the Decubate platform.

# 2. Community Governance

As a DCB token holder, you have the power to participate in crucial decision-making processes and influence the platform's direction.

# 3. Access to Lucrative Projects

DCB tokens unlock exclusive access to promising web3 projects and investment opportunities.

# 4. Enhanced Voting Power

The more DCB tokens you stake, the greater your influence in the governance process, ensuring that dedicated investors have a substantial say in the platform's direction.

# 5. Learn to Earn Events

Decubate hosts Learn to Earn events in collaboration with post/pre-listed projects seeking to promote their initiatives. Participate in these events to learn about new web3 projects and earn free token airdrops as rewards for correctly answering project questions.

# Importance of the DCB Token

The DCB token plays a vital role in the Decubate ecosystem by:

  • Facilitating community-driven governance, ensuring transparency and user involvement in decision-making.
  • Allowing users to unlock higher membership tiers, providing them with exclusive benefits and access to lucrative projects.

# Buy DCB

You can buy DCB on two different exchanges:



This disclosure is designed to inform potential investors, stakeholders, and users about the risks, conditions, and legal considerations associated with the use and holding of the Decubate (DCB) token.

# Utility and Benefits

The utility and benefits associated with DCB tokens, such as staking benefits, community governance participation, access to projects, enhanced voting power, and Learn to Earn events, are not guaranteed and may vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to, market conditions, the success of Decubate, and changes in the Decubate platform or its offerings.

# Purchase and Use of DCB Tokens

Users can purchase DCB tokens through specified exchanges. It is important to note that the purchase, possession, and use of DCB tokens involve significant risks, including the risk of loss of capital. The price of DCB tokens can be highly volatile, and investors could lose their entire investment.

# Regulatory Status

Based on our legal opinion, Issuing and Offering the DCB Token does not fall within the scope of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht, "Wft") and related regulations, including the Prospectus Regulation, the Electronic Money Regulation, and the Payment Services Regulation. Therefore, Decubate does not require certain licenses or registrations related to the issuance, offering, and exchange of DCB tokens. This legal status may be subject to change based on future legislative or regulatory actions.

# Risk Factors

The DCB token and its functions are subject to various risk factors, including but not limited to, technological risks, market volatility, regulatory changes, cybersecurity threats, and changes in the functionality of the Decubate platform. Potential investors and users should consider these risk factors and their own personal circumstances before deciding to purchase or use DCB tokens.

# Disclaimer

Investors should only invest in DCB tokens with funds that they can afford to lose. Before making a decision to purchase DCB tokens, potential investors should undertake their own due diligence and consider consulting with a professional financial advisor.

# Changes to Disclosure

Decubate reserves the right to modify this disclosure document at any time to reflect changes in the law, the DCB token, the Decubate platform, or any other relevant circumstances. It is the responsibility of the DCB token holders and potential investors to regularly check for any updates to this disclosure.