# White label token vesting and claim portal

Distribute project tokens to investors with confidence. Our highly customizable token claim portal makes token management easy.

  • Token claim portal: a premium destination for investors to manage and claim their tokens.
  • Highly customizable: all portal design elements are configurable to deliver a seamless brand experience.
  • Safe & secure: EVM compatible smart contract audited by an industry-leading security firm.
  • Setup in minutes: our intuitive portal management panel makes vesting strategy setup pain-free. Non-technical team members rejoice!

# Benefits

  • Enable long-term relationships with members of your token ecosystem.
  • Improve token price stability by disincentivizing speculation through cliffs.
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual monthly airdrops.

# Features

  • Intuitive UX for ease of use across all devices.
  • Customize all design elements including vesting portal color, buttons, logo, fonts and more.
  • Multiple vesting strategies supported including linear and monthly token distribution.
  • Portal management panel to generate vesting strategies in minutes.
  • Analytics dashboard to access token holder insights.
  • Fully audited EVM compatible smart contract.
  • Leading wallets supported including Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, Wallet Connect and more.
  • Multiple blockchain supported including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, AVAX and Polygon.

# Some of our clients

  1. ARize: https://arize.io/
  2. Bit Hotel: https://bithotel.io/
  3. Sidus Heroes: https://sidusheroes.com/
  4. BattleVerse: https://battleverse.io/
  5. Rebel Bots: https://www.rebelbots.com/
  6. Solidus Labs: https://www.soliduslabs.com/
  7. Animalia: https://animalia.games/
  8. Codyfight: https://codyfight.com/
  9. Ethereum Towers: https://ethereumtowers.com/
  10. Chirpley: https://chirpley.ai/

# Testimonials

“Decubate’s vesting solution allowed us to arrange our token distribution rapidly. UI/UX for both administration and investors really stands out and allows to deal with token vesting intuitively. Worth mentioning that support and communication deserve an independent 5-star review!

BattleVerse CEO, Vlad Dryamov

“Decubate was a critical part of our token launch strategy. Their vesting and staking products allowed us to quickly deliver value and utility to our community without the delays and technical debt of building our own solution.”

ARize CEO, Aryan Behzadi

"Decubate is a professional and transparent tech partner of Bit Hotel that has enabled quick deployments of all kinds of ecosystem web-3 services around our Gamefi metaverse. Great design and customizability, definitely recommend working with them."

Bit Hotel CEO, Leon Lanen

# Demo

Contact us to learn more about Decubate Vesting: https://share-eu1.hsforms.com/1MAJTri8sRxO5OmKL7DaktQf5bmh Audit The Decubate Vesting smart contract has been successfully audited by Haechi. An industry leading auditing firm, Haechi has completed smart contract audits for over 300 partners including the Ethereum Foundation, 1inch and SushiSwap.

Audit report: https://github.com/Decubate-com/public-repository